used timber lengths - inner south

Hi all

We replaced the top part of our pergola on the weekend. Several of the lengths are still useable for above ground projects (chook house or some garden framework perhaps?) Has been de-nailed for safety.

All are about 70mm x 24mm and here are the lengths:

* 10 lengths of approx 5.2m
* 2 lengths of around 3m
* about 6 lengths of about 1 -1.5m (they are around 1.5m or a bit longer but a few have small splits at the ends so may have to be cut shorter to use the best part)
* maybe also a couple of shorter/odd bits

Prefer this to be taken as one lot.

i don't remember what the wood is, some kind of exterior purpose timber, possibly treated, it had been painted but was up for about 10-15 years, most was ok if a little weathered and only some parts had started to deteriorate. would suggest cleaning it up and repainting to maximise its remaining life. Obviously not recommended to use for projects where it will be in direct contact with the ground.

Being used timber it has nail holes every 90cm or so where it was attached to the pergola frame. Currently a little damp after last night's rain but will dry out fine.

We are near Manuka and you will need your own truck/trailer and the ability to secure the longer lengths safely for transport. Depending on your location we might be able to assist with transporting/dropping off some of the shorter lengths or if you are willing to have the longer lengths cut to fit in/on our vehicle. Drop off is not guaranteed and will be more likely if requested politely, aren't expecting us to drive half way to Sydney or Melbourne and don't mind waiting til it suits our schedule.



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