Mask strap extenders / ear savers (N1E 5V3)

Tired of having the elastic band from a mask behind your ears all day long? Or tired of fiddling with the straps at all? To help with this I have printed off a number of strap extenders using my 3D printer, in a number of different styles, and can even print off custom ones as needed. The website has an incredible selection of options if you're interested in something particular, currently I have three different varieties printed out in various sizes and a couple different colours . There will be a bunch them, sterilized frequently, left on my porch at 21 Wood street for anyone to take as many as they would like. I am incredibly fortunate enough that my cheap 3d printer also allows me to print off a number of different items considered PPE, if there is anything else that you might like, such as a custom mask with better breathability than a fabric one, or face shield to go with a mask, just let me know and we can discuss options 😊 I might require a tiny amount of money for purchasing the plastic itself, but other than that I am more keen on just seeing the printer being put to constant use producing useful stuff so feel free to contact me if you can think of something.

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