empty flat furnishings (Grangetown CF11)

Hello, I am helping to furnish an empty flat for some new friends coming to help with our community work here in Grangetown. No pressure-- but if you have any of these items, feel free to let me know and I'll be happy to collect it this week.
2 Bed frames (single)
2 Wardrobes
2 Bedside tables with drawers
Arm Chair or a sofa
End table
Kitchen Table and Chairs
Washing machine
Iron/ironing board
3 floor lamps (bedrooms and living room)
Cooking utensils
Pots/pans/baking sheet
Cutlery (set for 8)
6 small plates, 6 big plates, 6 bowls
6 mugs
6 glasses
2 mixing bowls
Measuring cups and spoons
Set of tupperware from Ikea
4 sets of sheets
2 duvets
4 bath towels
2 floor towels
6 washcloths
2 pillows
Clothes drying rack
Laundry basket
broom/dust pan
trash bins x2

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