Large stainless steel cooking pot (Cutteslowe OX2)

UPDATE: Not collected by the freegler to whom it was promised, so still on offer!

IMPORTANT: To be collected as soon as possible - do not reply unless you are 100% sure that you can collect.

NOTE: Only those who read the description and answer my question will be considered.
-> Let me know how you are going to travel to collect, and the number of miles from your location to OX2 8LS, to help me choose whom to give this to, in case I get several replies.


Great cooking pot, received from another freegler a few months ago, used almost every day since!
Stainless steel, not coated in any toxic non-stick paint.
Old and very used, but still has some life left in it.

Diametre: 23 cm
Height: 17 cm

Fair and Environmental (=Health) Offer Policy

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(2) freeglers who drive an electric vehicle
(3) freeglers who drive a fossil-fueled vehicle - if all the replies received are from the latter category, we take into consideration the number of miles.

We always wait a period of time before choosing who to give our items to. This gives people on the daily digest, or those who are online less frequently, a fair chance to reply to the offer.

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