fish (Lewisham SE10)

RE-HOMING // SE10 - Platy fry and plants - ever wanted to keep fish? We have an over populated tank, so giving away baby platy's and some aquarium plants - all temperate fresh water. DM for details. Photos of adult fish, around 3cm. Babies around 1cm, sex unknown yet.

NOTE: pick up 10am to 11am Sat 30.1.2021 or Sunday. Since there are lots of people interested we can give 3 fish with plants - if you want more, please tell us how big your tank is and if you have other fish (concerned that they will be eaten!).

If you are interested to take some but do not yet have a tank... let us know, as we have some more that were born today, so probably able to move them in a few more weeks time!

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