filter pitcher, puzzles & more (Erb / Fischer-Hallman)

cookie tin, metal scarf/tie hanger, magnetic notes holder, and more

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Multiple posts with many items available. Please check them all before making a request. You may ask for any quantity or combination of items, and I will distribute items between those who reply as best I can, giving as many items you request as possible. Please be polite and considerate, especially when working out pick up time. If you can't make it, let me know as soon as possible.

Porch Pick Up is 'technically' available, but I will need an approx 1/2 hour window of time (or less) you will show up because not everyone in the building will know why your stuff is left outside, and could be confused or take it themselves.

Pickup times are between 10am and 8pm, most days. Same day pickup is possible, but not guaranteed. Next day is easier. Please pick up your items before Saturday March 6th, unless there is a special circumstance (and we are willing to accommodate this, -if- it becomes necessary).

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-clear blue plastic box (13 1/2 x 8 x 4") (bottom 11 1/2 x 6)
-Train puzzle, 750 pieces
-Christmas dog puzzle, 1000 pieces
-teddy bear cookie cutter
-cookie tin (8 x 2 1/2")
-small black plastic domino set
-blue magnetic note and pen holder, with multi-coloured recipe/index cards
-small glass salt shaker
-sharpies pens and post-it notes
-small gift boxes (6)
-black pony-tail holder
-metal scarf or tie hanger (17 1/2 x 5")
-belt, olive green/brown (42" x 1 1/2"), buckle approx 2"
-Santevia water pitcher. Nearly new. Used through one filter cycle. Enjoyed, but we have other pitchers

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