Baby items (East fort worth)

Car seat, bassinet, anything will help.(Im having a girl) Maybe you even know an organization I could reach out to. If you'd like to read ahead here's my story. My husband and I planned our first child as we both had great long standing jobs. My daughter was born in the beginning of covid, which was the same time my job of 7 years decided on an unpaid furlough for their workers (which became a termination in the end for many of us including myself). I became a stay at home mom for a while, as my daughter grew I tried constantly to give away or sell any items she would no longer need. Until surprise! I find out I'm pregnant again, another girl. So many things I gave away that I will be needing now. Anywho, I've never reached out for help before considering we were always capable of providing, and I'm a bit embarrassed really however, I'm quickly learning in the midst of covid and the economy now that sometimes asking for help is the hardest part of someone's struggle. Welp, there's my life in a nutshell. I will gladly pick up any items available.
Thanks for your time.
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