clothes, kitchenware, dvds, books, toys (Faquay Varina, NC)

Trying to help my mom out, any donation would be helpful.

Clothes sz: 4X or 5X (hard to find)

Shoes: girls 8.5 or 9 (preferably flats or tennis shoes.)

Plates/ big round casserole dishes: with 9 people in the house, we just don't have enough dishes. Plus things break, so we're down a few plates and casserole dishes.

Wishes: By no means do we HAVE to have these things to live (no one does), but we are constantly looking for...

Dvds to watch: Not picky, anything you don't want or have duplicates of, we'll take.

Rainbow Magic books: by Daisy Meadows (my sister loves these)

Toys: we have 2 toddlers

If you have any of this stuff you'd be willing to donate, it would be much appreciated. If not thank you for stopping by.
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