Computer tech support (near downtown Cambridge Galt)

Unique service we think you have not, until now, considered ... maybe didn’t even know you needed!!!

During the past year Ivory H. Kitty has puuurrrrrr-fected her monitoring of home office tech support. She is practiced at customizing our computer screen and insuring we see every single letter and digit by enlarging the font size from every day how-hum boring to gigantic closeup with a mere swipe of her tail. Further she can throw that darn spellcheck into over-drive testing with a light dance across the keyboard. Very impressive!

We think that keeping this wonderful “help” knowledge to ourselves is the utmost in selfishness and so, in the spirit of the generosity of Freecycle, we propose that a remote and free-franchise training, over zoom of course, of your own in-house four legged technicians may be in order. Perhaps they even have some techniques Ivory H. Kitty his missed?

We look forward to negotiations.

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