Pretend lace ceramic bowl thing (Low Fell NE9)

Very nice, well lets be honest its not that nice, but hey i want rid of it. So got to talk this piece up as the terrible pictures do not do it justice............

Pot puri/fruit bowl with detachable ceramic dollie plate thing on the bottom.

Top quality tat that will set off any living room or shelf in the house. Your friends will marvel at you're amazingly bad taste in ceramic lace bowls. Always wondering where you got it from, but always afraid to ask in case it belonged to a favourite grannie/aunty/godmother etc etc.

Or you enter into a long drawn out conversation about it. Like when you say to somebody "You Alright then", hoping for a simple yes/no then they launch into a full blown blow by blow round up of the last several years.

So give it a home and stop conversations before they even start.
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