Oven (Southside EH8)

Old oven from a kitchen rebuild - installers were supposed to take it away, but nope, so it's free to a good home. As long as you can pick it up it's yours. Few things .....

1) It still seems to work when I plugged it in just now (standard 13A plug) - although I'm far from an expert, and only ran it for a minute. The fan was pretty noisy though, which may be just because it's sitting on the ground, not muffled behind kitchen units. It might just need oiled or the like, since it's not been used in maybe a year.

2) It's a bit heavy, but not too bad, more bulky than anything. You'll need 2 people though, since it's on the third floor. Work/garden gloves might be an idea, since there are some sharp edges.

3) It's pretty filthy inside!

4) Externally condition is OK, just one of the control knobs is losing its surface peel. These are replaceable if you can find a good colour match etc - they just pull right off, and the connector is a standard size. I actually bought some off ebay but got the colour wrong, you can have those if you want.

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