Lots (LOTS!) of lace curtains (City east: Park-Monroe Ave)

Fully lined, machine wash/dry, lace curtains. 6 of them are (about) 57" wide x 82" long, and 1 huge one is approx. 208" wide by 82" long. One of the smaller sections is a little grey along the bottom edge (what the 3rd photo is trying to show; lighting isn't great in my basement); the rest are in great shape. They even have little weights in the bottom hem to make them hang nicely. All newly washed and dried; clean and disinfected, ready to make (a whole house! ;) classy! :)

(Apologies that width measurements are a little "approximate": especially the gigantic one, I didn't want to remove it from the line where I finally got them all nicely hanging, so measured in place.)