Pottery etc. Supplies (Takoma DC (near library))

Retired professional potter’s studio (not mine) is to be demolished and all remaining supplies there are free for the taking. Serious inquiries only, as pick-up must be scheduled with the contractors working at the site.

- One giant gas-powered kiln, made of unmortared bricks held together with metal bands
- 2 small electric kilns (probably not working)
- 4 kiln plate setters
- kiln shelves
- kiln props/pipes/furniture
- clay sculpting tools (mostly rusty)
- dozens of batts
- bamboo teapot handles
- a few molds for kitschy figurines

- Display shelving and stands
- huge work tables
- storage shelving units

- 3 heavy lamp bases
- many mess-ups, broken pieces, unmatched lids, students’ work (could be used in mosaic/collage artwork)
- unglazed items

- Cullet (looks like white powder tho)
- Frit
- Pemco

- immense quantities unlabeled
- powdered Ball clay
- powdered Kaolin clay

Minerals (probably incomplete list):
- Borax & Borate substitute
- Crocus martis (anhydrous ferrous sulfate)
- Graphite
- Lead bisilicate
- Magnesium carbonate
- Manganese carbonate
- Opax (zirconium silicate)
- Potash feldspar
- Prophyllite
- Salt
- Silica sand
- Silicon carbide
- Soda ash
- Soda feldspar
- Sodium antimony
- Volcanic ash
- Whiting

Arts supplies:
- about a dozen children's plastic art smocks
- about a dozen white adult t-shirts for decorating
- poster paints
- inks
- fabric scraps
- burlap
- round oatmeal cartons
- electric (plug-in) tool for polishing, maybe?

- zillions of plastic containers of various sizes: buckets, tofu tubs, large yogurt tubs, trays, etc.
- plastic soda and milk crates
- zillions of cardboard boxes & pieces
- zillions of paper & plastic bags
- zillions of dusty rags
- large variety of pieces of wood
- bags of styrofoam peanuts and many larger pieces of styrofoam
- big tub of clothes and cloth bags/backpacks
- about 2 dozen small drinking glasses
- misc. power tools, hardware, light bulbs, extension cords, new red kettle, ancient electric 2-burner hot plate
- glazed white tiles, mostly Eliane brand

Live items:
- many live goldfish, mostly black, must be caught from pond
- daffodils, hyacinths, liriope, other bulbs (must dig up yourself)
- forget-me-nots, azaleas, other non-bulb plants (must dig up yourself)

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