Misc items/Silver platter/ coffee filters/etc

*Three aprons (full front blue and red), and a red waist apron*Silver Platter (tarnished/needs polished) approx. 15" oval shape
*Coffee Filters for basket-kind of machine, white, Great Value brand, approx 10 remaining
*Three ring binders, Various sizes, over 15 of them
*Hanging file folders (for file cabinet or drawer)
*Reflective Marker Red circle (48" tall post that sticks into the ground providing a reflector )
*Lawn sign . . decorated where you can write on the front of the sign
*Cloth arm sling (2 piece)
* A woven mat that rolls up for easy transport . . This is used to lay on the beach
*Un-chopped wood from an oak tree that was cut last summer
*CD case/holder . . .see photos
*Flip chart with large pieces of paper
*Ledger record book . . many blank pages
Two pair of women's black dress pants...* Size Juniors 13, "No boundaries" brand, belted waistband, front slash pockets, back fake pockets, Polyester/Rayon/spandex* Size 8, Stretch, "Norton McNaughton" brand, Pleated/ribbed front, Polyester/Rayon/Spandex

*Redskins visor (signed by some people, idk)
*Flip chart...approx 15 pages remaining
*Can crusher...to mount to a wall
*3 bags that are cloth and have zippers
*Old blanket...we used this to protect/cushion items when moving
* Stickers (Yeti and Apple design)
*Bladeless handheld fan
* 512 page book, empty pages, says "Record" on the front of it
*Large pieces of magnets (12" x 18") that were used to make bumper stickers as magnets
*Stationary - -Mickey Mouse design - - about 10 pieces of paper and envelopes
*Contact paper - -few sheets
* Typewriter paper*Sheet of white labels 1" x 3" (pull off individually or put through a printer)
*Two collapsible rain ponchos that fold up into a tiny bag
*Money/Rent Receipt Book (has tear away copy -- one for original and yellow copy for recipient)
*Panasonic cordless phone
*Swag hooks (30# weight limit, 2 hooks in sealed package)
*Nature's Miracle Pet stain remover, 1/2 full spray bottle. Oxy formula
*misc other items

Porch pick up from our home in Germantown, MD (Waters Landing Dr area)Provide day and 2-3 hour time frame for porch pick up

 ~ Sandy Carlin
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