Two maidenhair ferns (Ballard)

These indoor-only plants are beautiful at the right time of year in my house but might be better residents in YOUR home.
Without a/c our sunny home gets too hot and bright in most areas. They need indirect light, a calm setting and extra moisture and humidity (a sunny bathroom in non-drafty, climate-controlled home, for example), they may need daily misting in some home areas. Best for a plant hobbyist, not a beginner plant. They hate to be repotted, or to become dry.

Ferns are in 6" pots. Yellow fiestaware water trays NOT included in this offer. Pick up by appt on Wednesday or Sunday, please say when you want to come in your first message. Fair offer policy til Saturday afternoon April 17th.

Please say when you can pick up (on Sundays or Wednesdays only) in north Ballard in your FIRST message and which other available items listed you also want, or none. Go look at my other posts before you message me, (it's ok, I'll wait)!

Priority to those who follow directions, send a clear and specific request message, and otherwise respect community norms (and I'll leave you positive feedback!). New users to trashnothing welcome. Please follow directions: Pick up in Ballard SUNDAY or WEDNESDAY only, by confirmed appointment only. Please say when you can pick up with a specific day/time 9am-7pm sun or weds.

Fair Offer Policy applies

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