Veg+Flower Seeds (Mississauga) (Mississauga (East Credit))

Hey! In commemoration of Earth Day, I'm offering some seeds that I have saved last year and have bought this year. Flowers: Sunflower mix, Calendula, Cosmos (Pink and Candy Stripe)|| Veggies: Tomatoes (Yellow Pear, Beefsteak, Cherry, Large Red Cherry, Yellow Sunburst), Lettuce Mix, Carrots (Red Danvers, Scarlet Nantes), Amaranth (Hopi Red Dye), and some green and yellow bush beans.|| Herbs: Genovese Basil

(Now is final week that you should start your tomatoes/ crops that take 8-6 weeks before being transplanted out)

I have some other seeds, so just let me know if you're further interested.

Below, I have an images of my garden.

Lastly, I believe that everyone should have access to healthy and nutritious food (and of course to be able to grow it too).

Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a good day :) !

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