Storage/Sorting Trays or Boxes (Santa Clara (Benton/San Tomas))

More than 60+ plastic translucent divided trays (formerly storage boxes), each about 14" x 8.75" x 1.75", "Plano Molding Co., Plano Ill., model 3700, Made in USA" - BOTTOM SECTIONS ONLY - NO LIDS! These were made as storage "fishing tackle" boxes with flat lids and latches, but they were previously used as sorting/display trays for beads and jewelry, and the lids/latches have long since been lost. These are waterproof, fairly sturdy, so possible uses: drawer dividers, screw or small part sorting, pen/pencil/brush storage, small toy sorting, plant start trays, etc. Hopefully, Freecyclers can help keep these from landfill by finding a way to repurpose them! Some of these could use a quick rinse or wet wipe, but will clean easily; some still have labels on them, which peel off easily (if they aren't mostly falling off already). My objective is to rehome as many of these as quickly as possible, so preference to those who can either pickup soonest, or take the most (or all!) Bonus: I also have (very) few of the little adjustable plastic dividers (you can see one sitting next to a couple trays in one of the pics), which will go to those who come soonest -- there aren't that many, so please don't request them if you don't really need them; definitely not enough for everyone. If you're researching these online, be aware that the manufacturer seems to have changed the design several times, but kept the same model number(?)...the online pics for this model vary. Even the ones in this offer have slight differences in the hinges and latches, but since the lids are missing, it shouldn't matter much. But if you really want all identical, then come sooner, so you can have your pick. Additional pics on request.

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