Pottery Equipment & more (Takoma DC (near library))

Retired professional potter’s studio (not mine) is to be demolished and all remaining supplies are free for the taking. Pick-up must be coordinated with the contractors working at the site.

- kiln props/pipes/furniture
- dozens of round batts
- rectangular boards with ledges
- square boards with short poles for sculpting
- block of wax and candle remnants
- inks and paints
- misc. clay shaping tools, some rusty
- various plaster molds
- big metal handle for a clay rolling machine (machine is not present)
- magazines about pottery, approx. quantity to fill a file box
- many broken fire bricks
- 2 kick wheels (see separate listing)
- 2 metal drying lockers with a few metal trays (see separate listing)
- rusty metal drying rack with trays (fiberglass?)
- fluffy bits of insulation from kiln, like fiberglass, but softer, probably made of ceramic fiber

- White wooden display shelving with lights
- Wooden display boxes/stands, painted brown or white, about 18” x 24” and 8” depth
- old washer and dryer

- mess-ups, broken pieces, unmatched lids, students’ work (could be used in mosaic/collage artwork)
- many unglazed and/or unfired items (don’t know how to tell them apart)

- Cullet (looks like white powder tho)
- Frit
- Fiberglass
- Pemco
- misc. glazes

- immense number of unlabeled blocks and tubs of different sizes and different degrees of moistness
- powdered Ball clay
- powdered Kaolin clay
- powdered Albany clay
- grog

Minerals (incomplete list):
[YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINERS, as many are in large immobile bins or in crumbling paper bags]

- Borax & Borate substitute
- Crocus martis (anhydrous ferrous sulfate)
- Epsom salts
- Graphite
- Lead bisilicate
- Magnesium carbonate
- Manganese carbonate
- Mineral oil
- Naval jelly rust remover
- Opax (zirconium silicate)
- Petroleum jelly
- Potash feldspar
- Pottery plaster
- Prophyllite
- Salt
- Silica sand
- Silicon carbide
- Soda ash
- Soda feldspar
- Sodium antimony
- Talc
- Volcanic ash
- Whiting

- large white dry-erase board
- zillions of plastic containers of various shapes/sizes: garbage cans, buckets, tofu tubs, yogurt tubs, trays, laundry baskets, etc.
- soda and milk crates, both plastic and metal
- variety of pieces of wood
- 3 wooden frames, possibly for stretching canvas for painting
- many short metal pipes used as rolling pins
- ancient electric 2-burner hot plate
- old pots and pans
- electric rice cooker (not sure if it works)
- mosquito killing things for ponds
- cinder blocks, both standard and decorative (called breeze blocks?)
- scalloped concrete edgers for garden paths, etc.
- large piles of partially decomposed leaves from the drained pond (great for composting)

Shade-Loving Plants:
[YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN TOOLS AND CONTAINERS to dig them up and transport them]

- bulbs, including daffodils, hyacinths, and others
- water lilies (might have died)
- brunnera/false forget-me-not
- yucca
- liriope
- bamboo
- others I can’t identify but can describe upon request
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