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I am collecting flash drives for the program flash drives for freedom. The organization is to help the oppressed people of North Korea living under inhumane control and provide them with educational materials that they are regularly deprived of. The individuals running the organization are mostly people that escaped North Korea and want to help others do the same. Once the organization receives the flash drives, they load ebooks, textbooks, music, movies, and other media on to them to secretly distribute to their citizens. Up to this point North Koreans have smuggled in movies on VHS however it is highly problematic because their electricity will randomly be shut off quite often, sometimes for days, weeks, or even months at a time. Once the power is off they are unable to remove the smuggled movies from the VHS player and are faced with either getting rid of it all together due to random House inspections or risk being thrown in a re-education camp (concentration camp). With a flash drive, it can easily be removed without electricity and they will be able to keep their content. Education to the people of North Korea is very important because they do not receive traditional schooling and instead are taught nothing but propaganda. Providing them with media from other countries is indeed life saving because they learn that their country is not acceptable and that they have been lied to about America their entire lives. There have been many people who escaped North Korea because of this program. Every human deserves education and freedom however they have been deprived of both their entire lives. In North Korea there is one TV channel that is broadcasted and it is from Pyongyang the capital city. It is not normal TV shows or programming for children or even educational, it is just nonsense played on a loop over and over brainwashing them into believing Kim jong-un is a God and that they are lucky to be stuck in North Korea. They also have a huge problem with starving children and have since the 90s. Children hang out at market stalls and use tiny plastic bags to pick up kernels of corn and rice that have been dropped by vendors. They typically own one outfit and the majority are homeless and without parents. I really urge people to do their research on just how horrible living conditions are in North Korea and maybe you will be inspired to help. If only a seed of doubt is planted in their minds, it will be enough for them to begin questioning their country and will often give them the courage to escape over the border to China or South Korea. The media they receive from this program is enough to completely turn their lives around and give them a fair chance at living the life they so desire.

It does not matter what color or size the flash drives are, there is no stipulation on brand or storage capacity either. They also are in desperate need of similar items that can hold data such as SD cards of all types, hard drives, basically any external storage that can be easily hidden during house checks that can happen weekly or daily without warning. It is risky to those smuggling the storage devices in, as well as the recipients however they have come to realize it is worth the risk and desperately want to learn. They have been taught to fear Americans their entire lives as well as other countries because it is all a brainwashing tactic to keep them under control. They are slowly beginning to realize they have been lied to and want to know the truth. I urge you to look up the program "flash drives for freedom" for yourself so you can see how impactful this program is. I will pick up anywhere in the general Indianapolis area if anybody is able to donate their unused flash drives and other external storage devices. You may either donate them as they are and have the workers delete the stored content you put on it or you may delete it yourself before donating it really does not matter. This organization is near and dear to my heart and I would love nothing more than to be able to help out with their cause. Thank you so much if you took the time to read this and please contact me if you feel moved to donate the needed items.
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