Cuisinart blender gaskets (City east: Park-Monroe Ave)

Three sealing gaskets for Cuisinart blender... argh, and here's where it breaks down: I ordered these from Amazon back in July 2019, and although I can find my order there, when I click "buy it again" to see which machines it was supposed to fit, I get "page not found." (And a cute picture of a dog, but still - not helpful.) I've searched and tried my best to ascertain *which* blenders they are compatible with, but have failed. So all I can say is that the total width is 2.5", and the width of just the rubber is 5/16". If that matches what is in your blender now, these might be useful to you! (I know this is silly - they are just little things, I could just throw 'em out... but they are perfectly good, unused... I had to try.)
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