3rd Row Seats from 2009 LandCruiser (Dupont Circle)

I'm hoping to get rid of my grey 3rd row seats in great condition.

I don’t need them anymore and the seats are just collecting dust in the closet. But I cleaned them just now so if you’re looking to get your rocks off via some obscure dusty leather vehicle seat kink, then keep movin, bub!

If you have a fire pit or some sort of patio I think they would work great as quirky extra seating. Maybe for a dorm room or basement?
I had a friend in college who had a set of three airline seats in his house - same kinda vibe here. That was back when Midwest Express had those big beige leather seats and served hot chocolate chip cookies to everyone during boarding. Why can’t we have nice things anymore?

Kinda heavy but I can help you load into a vehicle. I do not recommend using one of those scooters to transport. Not a vibe.
But surprisingly thin!


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