Plastic tool box (City east: Park-Monroe Ave)

My inability to read dimensions properly is your gain! :) I ordered this thinking it was much smaller than it turned out to be, and instead of having me return it, Target simply refunded my money and told me to donate it. (Wow!) So it really is *brand* new. Removable tray inside, two nifty little trays on top for small things (screws, nails?). Dimensions are: 18" long, 8" high, and depth (front to back) - 8.5 at lid level, 7.5 at the bottom (i.e. it narrows slightly top-to-bottom). In addition to normal toolbox type use, I can see it being useful to a knitter, sewer, or other types of crafts (especially since it IS plastic, and maybe not up to really rough and tough tool-age.)

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