G-Plan Teak Veneer Table (BT38)

I picked up this sturdy family -sized G-plan table from a fellow freecycler/freegler and have been trying to restore it. I sanded it back waxed it, wasn't happy cleaned off the wax and started staining it. I've now overstained the centre infill and am just fed up. So if someone else would like to do a better job :) or upcycle it, they would be very welcome to it. Please note the table is made of teak veneer and was very water stained so has been oversanded in a couple of places. It does reduce down from 5 1/2 ft x 4 ft to a circle 4ft x 4ft, but you will need a van or a large trailer, it will NOT fit in the back of a car. We are about to have renovations done, so access is awkward with a caravan in the driveway blocking the double doors of the garage, so you will need two people to carry and manouever the table through the side door of the garage and the long way round the side of the house through a gate. Collection Ballycarry.

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