'PC's For Ppl' Needs Unwanted Items (Cabot)

First of all, thanks to all of those who have already donated the last year or so. You all have been a tremendous help and I offer you a huge thanks. We have sent off everything that was previously donated and now have room to take in more items.

I am a local collector for ‘PC’s For People’, which helps low income families, the disabled and elderly in getting free and low cost computer systems and equipment. I gather broken, unwanted and outdated computers and parts in the central Arkansas area and prepare them to be sent to make fully functioning desktops and laptops for those in need. I am reaching out in hopes of finding computers, monitors and parts that are no longer needed before they are thrown away. Maybe you have a monitor, keyboard, computer tower, tablet or laptop that’s been in storage forever and you just need to get rid of it. No item is too old or too broken. Whether you have one item or ten, we’ll take what you can offer. We'll do the work. Just set out what you can offer and we'll swing by and pick it up. Many pieces inside of the computers can be reused and recycled to make new computers and to refurbish older ones. We ask that you please keep your old computers and parts out of the landfills and help us get them into the hands of those in need. We hope you or your organization may be able to help this great cause and that you will remember us in the future if you need to get rid of equipment you may no longer use. Thanks so much for your time. Good day to you and yours.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or offerings.

*Items currently not needed
Box style/tube computer monitors & printers

I can pick up in the Cabot, Beebe, Jacksonville, Sherwood, NLR, Maumelle areas and central Little Rock, preferably within I630 and I430.
Can you help with this request?
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