Suspended ceiling tiles, stains OK (Newport News, Bruton Ave)

Need to lift some 21 or 22 inch wide sections of suspended ceiling tiles up under my roof, to eliminate the risk of scraping my back on the protruding roofing nails. The access to my attic-installed HVAC air handler is near the gutter end. It's real hard to crawl up the ladder and along a 5 foot "cat walk" to access the air handler for maintenance and repairs, without hurting myself on the nail points. I figure 5/8 (maybe 1/2 inch) thick suspended ceiling tiles would cover the sharp points. Maybe Styrofoam sheets would work. Old and stained, with broken corners would work. Need at least 2 sections each that are 2 ft by 4 ft, Suppose I could cut them all down flush with the plywood with a cut off grinder, but there's an awful lot of them. Hmm... Maybe I could wood screw some 1/4 inch thick plywood sheets up under the roofing plywood. I live on Bruton Ave, near J Clyde Morris and the interstate I-64, near the north end of Sandy Bottom park. -paul

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