dresser (Reston, VA)

Looking for a dresser, any color works as long as it is a qood or material that can be repainted or fixed. Prefer something in the long and short style (that could possi le hold a mirror over a chest (tall) style. Minimum 6 drawers. Please send pictures, size details ( if possible), and list of damages or required repairs (if any). Dresser is top priority but, have given details for other items looking for.

Also, looking for book shelfs (any size or shape could work need more than one type), wall shleves, small/ medium desk, possibly an entertainment center/ flat screen TV stand, and vanity. If anyone ia looking to get rid of any of these items also.

I have also been trying to find a match to current night stand or similar style. It is a tall-ish, real wood, square/rectangle shaped nightstand, with 1 drawer w/ handle, bottom shelf below drawer close to ground, with legs that extend past the shelf (shelf is about 2" to 3" from the ground), skinnier style legs (not wall style support that makes shelf closed in) to match current night stand. Color doesn't matter and just looking for style that could eb simiar or look to cokl to match with.
Would also be interested if someone has 2 matching night stands they need to get rid of.

I will need to rent or borrow a vehicle large enough to fit dresser and larger items so would prefer someone closer Reston, VA or willing to meet. But, willing to 20 - 30 milea fof right item.
More flexibility with smaller or skinnier items I can fit in my car, milage won't matter as much.

If someone is able and willing to help transport to reston VA please let me know and we can work something out. (I can get item in and out of vehicle and have help for carrying/ moving items).

Thanks for any help anyone can offer! I am looking to upcyle/ refinish used furinture rather then buy brand new items. May be interested in other items as well, nut always seems to catch items too late on listing so if you have something cool please feel free to contact me. Please no toys, clothes, dishes, card board boxes, or packaging items.

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