Large sofa and loveseat (92nd (92nd (92nd (Thornton Blvd.) & Pecos)

I really need these gone ASAP. Like today, if possible, or tomorrow morning. On Monday, ARC is scheduled to come and pick them up. I would prefer to give them to someone on this list, if possible. I have to know absolutely by Sunday. Thanks.

We are downsizing, and that is the only reason we are getting rid of this beautiful set. Both the sofa and the loveseat are super comfortable to sit or lounge on. They are still in very good condition.

The couch is 92" x 42" x 42" and the loveseat is 72" x 42" x 40". Because they are "over-stuffed," measurements are a little flexible. They have this lovely CamelBack design, which you rarely find in a set like this.

There is some slight wear and tear in the original upholstery fabric, and a few areas that are thread-bare. Because of that, and because we needed a change, I bought the blue-on-blue covers. The one on the sofa is for an extra-large couch, because of the amount it is stuffed. The one on the loveseat is actually a regular-sized couch cover, for the same reason. There are eight cushions. They will probably need to be sewn in back on the smaller cushions.

It was just a few months ago that I bought the covers. They cost $235.59 on sale, but the regular price would have been $330.91, so you're really getting a great deal. The covers are a lovely slate blue with a lighter blue raised design - they look a little grayish in the photos, but they're definitely blue. There is a fleur-de-lis pattern on the covers. They have kind of a chenille look and feel to them, and they are very stretchy.

You can probably tell from the photos that we have pets (a white and tan Corgi and a black cat). The covers are very easy to throw in the washer and the dryer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

You will need a large pickup truck if you want to take both of these at the same time. Otherwise, it will probably be two trips with a regular pickup truck or empty van.

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