erica ruff money maker! (Gosport PO12)

Again i have caught out yet another lying scumbag collecting free items to sell. Who apparently does this for a living!! ERICA RUFF!! This person replied to my ad i was offering stuff today, then in a conversation she then offered a wheelchair saying she had one to sell £45 with a pic of it ( see photos) as I requested one recently , i said this was the one offered on here the other day as i went for it as desperately need one, she denied it and even went to the extreme of saying it was her fathers whose now in a home!! 🤬🤬
So i messaged the person who gave it away, and asked if it was her and she replied it was! See proof in photos!! Apparently her car was full! So be warned people if you dont want your stuff sold on dont give to her! She will probably change her name now she’s been caught out!! Probably got partner and others collecting. I will not be offering any thing else on here again after my big box of books were up for sale!! And probably everything else ive given away! 🤬 dusgust me people taking advantage of good people and vulnerable people.. im desperate for a wheelchair and have a blue badge.. but this person knew that! Vile 🤬

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