CD/Radio Player (Upper NW DC/Tenley vicinity)

This little beauty still seems to work in its original function, which is: playing one (1) compact disc at a time, and tuning in various radio stations by means of its expandable antenna. Evidence suggests (see pic 1) that it was manufactured in October, 2000, and can be operated by an extensive number of size D batteries (not included) should your electricity fail.
Pickup available from my front walk near the intersection of Brandywine St NW and Reno Road NW. That's the rough location right here in the post so you can decide for yourself if you think it will be convenient or worth your while to pick it up *before* getting in touch with me. And then when you do reach out if interested, please include a rough idea of the day and time you plan to come do so, which will increase your odds of receiving the item.

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Approximate Location