OkiData Office Printer (Out Greenhorn Road)

OkiData Printers – MC360 Color Laser MFP & MC5330 Color Laser MFP Free
These printers are nearly identical. I purchased the MC 5330 in 2007 and when OkiData came out with the MC360 they ended support on the 5330. I had a small issue and they chose to replace the printer. I have used the 5330 as back-up for parts like color drums, ink cartridges, circuit board, and recently a fuser, etc.
The MC360 is designed to print 15,000 copies per month and we have probably printed approximately 60,000 copies total over the years. These come with a new and unopened yellow ink cartridge, black had just been replaced. It needs a black image drum, however, temporarily it will print in blue. … about $63 on line…InkTechnologies - https://www.inktechnologies.com/okidata-mc360-toner-oki-mc360-toner-cartrid... It actually prints more clearly than the Epson 3760 we replaced it with.
We no longer run a business and we needed a smaller printer for our space. My estimation is that the MC360 MFP will run easily for years, and OKIData Tech support is still available. Print, Scan, Fax & Transfer data directly.
One machine in the shipping box and one open… about 40 pounds each. L22" x W18" x H 20"

Grass Valley area… If interested, email me your phone number & I will call you.

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