car /truck / that runs (crown hill Ballard)

Hey how is everyone I was hoping to post on here because a. Friend told me about it a while back anyway I've been on the St for a min I now have a tiny house which is wonderful a blessing but now I'm on the hunt for a car a truck a motor home that runs or need some work but still works I'm looking and have been looking for work and I've got a few options however none are assessable by bus and I am and needing desperate to find transportation due to they only allow so my months in the tiny home that I'm in and I wanna use everyday while it's free to find work and save money every dime I can get if I have car or truck I can do work anyplace and I can work a lot so if you have a vehicle that you can donate to me that would be wonderful please let me know you can get a write off on taxes so I'm told and I will once on my feet pass it forward to another in need Please help if you can .. Thanks so much for reading this anything helps or forward the message someone that you might know that has one ty
Can you help with this request?
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