Doors and architraves (Marchmont EH9)

Leaded glass pannelled door
6ft 11"H x 32"W x 3cm thick

Firedoor 1: 220cmH x 75.5W x 4.5D with 3 hinges. Intumescent smoke seals and brushes routered in.

Firedoor 2: 210cmH x 80.4W x 4.4D. No intumescent seals.

Both doors fireproofed by removing mouldings, front and back, from original door, applying fireproof board, adding mouldings back to preserve panels. Painted with fireproof paint, ivory colour.

Architraves or facings: 1. 200cmH x 111W. Width of framing: 6"

2. 207cmH x 104W. Width of framing: 14cm.

One of these has been damaged by careless removal, but could be filled.

I have the wooden stobs that sit beneath- one or 2 need filling, restoring.
Collection by arrangement from 3rd floor.

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