4 vertical chicken roasting racks (LaGrangeville, NY)

These are the metal racks that will hold a chicken upright (or upside down) while roasting. Why 4? If you're going to roast cornish game hen, you'll want one per person.
Why vertical? This creates a superior, juicier chicken. Cook's Gazette suggests you actually roast these guys upside down (feet in the air), "Placing the chicken “upside down” is different than you will see on any of the pictures or advertisements for vertical roasters, but it is definitely the way to go. With the legs splayed out and closer to the top, the hottest part of the oven, the dark meat finishes at the same time as the white meat. There is also the added advantage that the drier breast is continually being basted as juices drip down from the legs."
The other advantage is that they take up less room. Yes, go ahead and roast 4 chickens. It's just as easy doing one and you have all that meat for other meals.
Now, where you get your vertical chickens is up to you. (Sorry, couldn't resist. ;) )

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