Light bulbs (Near Denver/Aurora border)

An eclectic assortment from my basement. Mostly incandescent and CFL. There's a tube-type halogen (used in tall old torchiere lamps) in the mix. Also automotive and colored bulbs - both standard and miniature (for nightlights and ancient Christmas tree strings.)
I also noted some CFL & Incandescent black lights, CFL yellow bug lights, appliance bulbs, and one incandescent long tube bulb... once used in aquariums.

A mixture of new and used. The bin is NOT included; I will provide plastic grocery bags with which you can take the bulbs home.

Be sure to tell me when you can come to pick them up. The sooner the better.

[Update: 3PM 8/22 - Available again due to no-show.]
[Update: 8PM 8/24 - Available again due to no-shows.]
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