LifeLink medical alert system (Shoreline near 185th)

I bought this about 10 years ago for an elderly frail relative who lived alone. We used it for about a year and it has been in the box since then. It requires a landline to plug the console into. You program the console with the phone numbers of people to call in an emergency. It CAN call cell phones and you can even program 911 into it. You record a message on the console, and then when the person presses the emergency button, the console begins automatically calling the numbers one by one until someone answers, at which point it plays the recorded message. This is a completely self-contained standalone system--there is no monitoring by an external company and therefore no monitoring fee. Everything is there, including the instruction manual. Please tell me when you can pick up from my porch...we have a locked gate so I need to know what time you can come so I can unlock the gate for you. And if you are one of the flakes who commits to a pickup and then doesn't show up, DON'T EVEN ASK.

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