Spare steel wheel from Peugeot 207 - 195 55 R16 87V (Ennerdale CA23)

This is an unused spare steel wheel from a 59 registered Peugeot 207. The tyre is a Continental 195/55R16 87V. I do not know the age of the tyre, but it is likely to be original to the manufacture of the car (2009) - you may be able to tell the age of the tyre from markings on the wheel. The tyre has never been used.

Note that the tyre has a damaged valve (as shown in one of the photos), and so this would need to be replaced if the tyre is to be used. There is a slight dent to the rim of the wheel, close to the valve (approx. 30 degrees anticlockwise), clearly visible in the photos.

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