REPOST: “Lifetime” Compost Bins (Aurora)

I’m reposting these compost bins mainly because I feel like I needed to add more information. I got several interested parties, but I couldn’t get a follow thru so here is the repost:

These are in decent condition but you WILL need to replace the hinges (pictured) that have rusted and now make it so the bins won’t open fully. That’s why I’m giving them away. Not sure where to find hinges either but there is a website for the “Lifetime” brand. They are also fairly large: 65 in. L x 31 in. W x 43.3 in. H and weigh about 75 pounds. A pick up truck would be best, but you might get them in an SUV if you lay them down. You’ll also need more than one person to lift it. If you need help, there will usually be someone here to lend a hand.

If you still want them after all this information and have a way to pick them up, send me a message and it will be first come first serve to who I give the address to. Even if you replied the first time, please send another so I know you are still interested. No big rush in picking them up, I just need a commitment.
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