Star Trac Professional Treadmill (North of Syracuse.)

Star Trac Professional GYM Quality Treadmill.
   This is not a Walmart treadmill. This is professional like you find in a gym.
 FREE! Professional Star Trac Pro treadmill.
This is a high end treadmill. Not the cheap WalMart variety Levers up and down mimicking running uphill or down. And has multiple speeds. Fan etc. I used this for about 4 years and loved it. I used it every day. It needs a new motherboard according to Syracuse fitness. Because I have another high end treadmill i don't need this one.
   Please Message me if you are serious and want this. First come. I am giving this away Free because I need the space where this sits.
  This is one heavy machine. It will take a couple guys to move it.
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