Kids white captains bed (144/Blondo)

I will get the measurements but it’s a Twin white captain’s bed which means it has four drawers (that do not remove fully so kids can’t take them out and dump everything out.) you don’t need a box-spring under your mattress. This has slats that screw into the frame. Mattress is not included. Built-in bookshelf with a cord cut-out so a lamp can be put in the middle area. On each end is a magnetic closure cabinet door so you can store stuff underneath. We stuffed sleeping bags, toys, stuffed animals, extra pillows and blankets…if you have a smaller house, while the bed sticks out more because of the bookshelf extending from the back, you do gain storage space (or hiding/crawl through/reading nook space underneath) and the dresser and small bookshelf were built in. The only thing I really didn’t like was there wasn’t a headrest for sitting up reading so we shoved pillows in the gap between the wall and the bed and that has worked for 7-8 years. It’s already taken apart into three pieces—the U-shaped frame, the drawers (one piece) and the bookshelf. It is not a beast to move, being taken apart like this, I promise, and it’s not hard to put together. It has some marks on it from being a child’s bed, and paint drips from painting their room recently, but it’s purely cosmetic and easily fixed with paint.

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