Various - garage clean-out Toronto (Toronto (Leslieville))

Still available:
 - old VGA monitor, 15", Samsung Syncmaster
 - newer Spectra DVI monitor, 17"
 * - black Christmas tree - approximately 5.5 feet tall (person interested ghosted, so it's up for offer again)

*gifted - lot of soap-making supplies; molds, stick blender, scents, oils, thermometer, mixing equipment, etc. most in large Rubbermaid tote (pix included); also Epsom salts and mason jars included in lot
*gifted - lot of Organic Gardening magazines
*gifted- IKEA coat rack - LEKSVIK model with 4 shelves and 6 double hooks
*gifted - lot of clean rags (bought for car cleaning, never used)
*gifted - random cotton fabric, various patterns, various yardages (pix included)
*gifted - lot of old computer books, software and hardware related (pix attached)

*gifted - rowing machine; disassembled and large
*gifted- exercise ball, pink ( not sure of the size)
*gifted - lot of black bamboo placemats
*gifted - small sewing box for notions

*Gifted- several new litter boxes
*Gifted - lot of Star Trek TNG VHS tapes; I *think* it's all 7 seasons - never watched, most wrapped (3 boxes)
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