Women's Hiking Boots size 9 1/2 (City east: Park-Monroe Ave)

LL Bean women's hiking boots: grey with hot pink accents, size 9.5, medium width. Note on the size: I wear an 8.5 shoe, but these are 9.5s and they fit correctly - they aren't too long or too wide or anything. Cute and incredibly sturdy, these boots have had very little use; I was reminded WHY that was when I tried 'em again the other day: they just aren't comfortable for me. Those two pointy bits on the back of the top edges dig into my Achilles tendon, and they are Firm: no give or sponginess. They are ready to last for 900 years! :) So they should be worn (just not by me, lol!). Hope they tickle someone's fancy.

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