Document storage boxes (UWS 94/Columbus)

Call me Filo; I’m second box down in the pic.
My mates and I have spent the last fifty years (!) in an attic, guarding the personal papers of a gentleman who shall be nameless, ‘awaiting the arrival of his biographers,’ who somehow never showed up, if ya know what I mean. He has now left us, clearer heads have prevailed, and we are now empty.
And after using a whole lot of accrued vacation time we’re now ready for our next assignment.
Yes, we’re kinda battered and showing our age, but we’re serviceable, and ready again to guard your papers, or whatever.
The pic shows eight of us. Since it was taken two of us have gone to that great archive in the sky, but the rest of us await your orders.
Pay no mind to the lower-left photo-bomber.