Open Beauty Items - must take all (Finchley N3)

Please note - these have been promised and there's already a long list of people waiting in case they don't get picked up. Sorry - I wish I could give to everyone that asked, but that's just not possible :(

These are all from my mother-in-law. Lots of good quality products. None of them are new (except the fake nails), but there must be hundreds of pounds' worth of items here (Dior/Mac/Bobbi Brown etc.) and it seems such a shame (not to mention environmentally horrible) to just trash it all.
Feels too close to use them myself.
Maybe someone could leave them at a women's shelter or something for people to pick and choose? ( Not sure they'd accept open products on an official basis). Or just use them all yourself/offer to friends?
Collection only N3 (Finchley).

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