Pretty case for 2017 Kindle Fire (City east: Park-Monroe Ave)

(Sigh - this is now the 3rd time I’ve had to relist this item because people who have said they wanted it haven’t shown up as promised, and are not answering messages. It’s… annoying. Hoping 3rd time lucky.)

Beautiful case, loved it when I had this model of Kindle but I recently upgraded. See full description and photos on the original Amazon listing page:
Note that this case will ONLY fit that particular 2017 Kindle model.
It has a smudge on the inside of the front cover, but otherwise clean and in good shape: totally solid, elastic band on the back still stretchy, ready for many more years of use.
SPECIAL BONUS: I would be happy to MAIL it to the next taker!! I’ll pay postage! I don’t care, I just want it to be used. I’m sure I sound like a crazy person, but I’m - well - rather passionate about not throwing good things away.