NEW Gardena sprinkler system connector (Shoreham-by-Sea BN43)

New/unused: I bought this in error for my veg watering system. Not sure if it can be used for something other than a lawn sprinkler. Details below copied from item listing online:

The Gardena sprinkler system Connector 25 mm × 1 inch male thread – Simple, safe connection

The Gardena Connector 25 mm × 1 inch; male thread is a component of the intelligent Gardena sprinklersystem and is used for simple, safe pipe connections to the Gardena irrigation valves (Art. Nos. 1278-20 and 1251-20). This Connector can also be used to establish a direct connection between the sprinkler system and the domestic water supply.

Convenient installation ensured by patented connection technology

The patented Gardena “Quick&Easy"; connection technology allows quick, flexible system installation on any lawn area. Rotation of 140° installs or removes the L-Joint. A self-sealing threaded connection makes the Connector waterproof and usable year round.
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