Wood Queen Bed, NO mattress -91351 (Canyon Country 91351)

OFFER: Distressed Solid Wood Queen Bed, Very Clean, NO mattress - Canyon Country 91351

This bed was gifted to me and I’ve had it for 40 years. It’s been a great bed but now I need more floor space and less bed space. It’s been in a cat-owning house. I can attest that there have never been bedbugs in the house or any kind of vermin.

NOT INCLUDED - There is a wood shelf unit visible in the photos behind the headboard - NOT INCLUDED.

All the pieces are heavy solid wood (don’t know what kind) except the two platform pieces, which are very solid particle board. Assembly requires NO screwdriving (see assembly diagram and photos). Assembles in minutes - anyone can do it. The rails (top, bottom, side and headboard) simply hang onto the posts. Then you set up the two X-shaped support frames (made of four notched wood boards) on the floor and place the platform pieces on top of them. Once it’s assembled it’s extremely stable and does not move.

I call it “rustic” in appearance. It has a well-worn look but it has always looked like that and I liked it. It went well with my shabby-chic lifestyle. It would also make a great bed for your mountain cabin.

Measurements-Outside (outer post-corner to outer post-corner): 65 inches wide; 89 inches long.
Measurements-Inside (mattress compartment): 58 inches - 60 inches wide; 82 inches - 84 inches long (odd measurements due to small notches created by the posts in the corners).
Footboard posts: 25 inches high.
Headboard posts: 36 inches high.

It’s already disassembled and ready to go. I was able to move everything myself so one not-very-strong person could do it alone. Only problem might be the platform pieces, which I was able to slide on edges but not pick up. You could pick up one end of those and slide them into a vehicle. I could help with loading. I do think you might need a truck or perhaps just a large SUV or something like that. My little old Subaru Forester is just a bit too small.
Longest rail is 82 inches long.
Widest and heaviest pieces are particle board platform pieces - 84.5 inches x 30 inches each.

I’ve used a 6-inch high-density foam mattress with a softer 2-inch topper. It was supportive and comfortable and 8 inches lifts the mattress top above the rail edges.

I’ll be happy to receive questions and provide more information but “Is it still available?” will not be enough. If it’s still posted, you can be sure it’s still available.

Easy no-pressure porch pickup near Soledad Canyon Road and Sierra Highway.
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