Power supply adaptor for digital radio (Wyboston Lakes PE19)

I've just accidentially knocked the 12V adaptor (for my PURE Evoke-1 DAB radio) off the kitchen work surface and watched helpless at it smashed to bits on the tiled floor.

Luckily it wasn't plugged into the radio unit (see photo) at the time or that would have got smashed too. I bought the radio about twenty years ago (from Richer Sounds in Holborn) using discount vouchers from the Evening Standard newspaper. It (was) still working and I really don't want to replace it with something 'new'.

Does anyone have an identical 12V adaptor which they no longer use / is surplus to requirements?

The info on the broken casing is:

TEAD-48-121200VB and PRIM 230V~50Hz

Many thanks.
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