Tivo Premiere (ser4) w/Lifetime Svc (Magnuson)

This is a TiVo Premiere XL 74800, 2 tuners (aka Series 4, circa 2010) with the Product Lifetime programming subscription (recently renamed the "All-In Plan"). I forgot to check the size of the hard drive before I wiped my account info and access to the internal specs. I became the second owner in 2013 or 2014, and I might have replaced the hard drive at some point, but I can't remember (it's not my first - or last - TiVo).

What it comes with:
power cable
TiVo remote control (backlight, but no ABCD buttons)
TiVo Wi-Fi adapter with cable (or can use wired ethernet if preferred)

What you will need:
Cable television service
M-type cable card from your cable TV provider
HDMI cable (or component/composite connections if preferred).
TiVo must re-register the unit to a new owner in order to transfer the lifetime programming subscription.

This TiVo definitely works with Comcast/Xfinity cable TV. The multimedia cable card should be free to pick up from an Xfinity store. Comcast used to charge monthly for the card, but it's been free for several years. The TiVo community forum can answer questions such as whether this model works with TV service providers other than standard cable. It has a TV antenna input option on the back but I never tried it. Original specs are here: https://www.tivo.com/assets/images/abouttivo/resources/downloads/brochures/...

The Product Lifetime program subscription ("All-In Plan") means that there is no monthly DVR fee for the lifetime of this unit. The subscription is registered to my TiVo account, and I have to transfer it to a new owner, then the new owner has to contact Tivo to register it and set up a new account if you don't already have one. This link has more info: https://tivoidp.tivo.com/tivoCommunitySupport/s/article/Transferring-a-TiVo...

Please provide a two-hour window of time to pick up on Saturday or Sunday (5/14-15) not earlier than 10am. Due to my exposed front door I don't want to leave this outside, so I will want to hand it over personally, but it's an easy pick-up in my Sand Point condo complex, all outdoors, masks preferred. I will need a full name and email address to give toTivo on Monday (live agent support is weekdays only).


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