Infant care supplies (20008, near BreadFurst)

- Dr. Brown bottles, 4oz and 8oz (only a couple new nipples included, you'll probably need to get more fresh ones)
- a pumping bra, size L+ (for hands free or semi-supported pumping)
- two Britax car seat covers (to keep the seat cooler if leaving car in the sun; these fit great over infant car seats; can fit some toddler/kid seats, but really depends on brand)

- misc. Medela pumping supplies
--- 8 year old freestyle travel pump (engine and charger; you'd need new piping and attachment to bottles)
--- breast nozzles, two sizes
--- a hand pump I got at Howard County General Hospital, good for expressing during first days of postpartum
--- Medela milk storage ziplocks

Am prioritizing giving to local folks, because of higher chance for developing longterm connections. Thank you!

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