Eureka Might Mite MM bags / vacuum (Ambler/Maple Glen 19002)

Eureka Mighty Mite style MM canister vacuum bags--and accompanying vacuum if you want it. About 9 packages...with 9 vacuum bags in each 80 vacuum bags give or take. EnviroCare technologies, Micro Filtration bags.

Fits black Might Mite canister vacuum. Vacuum has extendable wand, detachable fitting at the bottom, brush attachment. Vacuum works great. Perfect for hardwood floors, under couches and bed, for vacuuming stairs. Light weight. Caveat: opening of canister where bag closes is held shut with duct tape and broken wheel. Maybe replaceable? It's worth if if you are looking to save some money. so lightweight, easy to carry around house or apartment, and the free bags is huge savings. If you want photos, I'm happy to text to you cell phone.

Porch pick up.
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